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    If you have been injured at work or while performing work-related duties, The State of Texas and TDI-DWC provide you with the option to choose your own treating doctor. This means you do not have to choose the company doctor in whom you may not have full confidence. You’re afforded the right to choose a treating doctor that will put your health and best interests above the pressures of your employer. This means you can choose a workers compensation doctor that will provide the full measure of injury care and rehabilitation you need to fully recover from your injury and return safely to normal life. This also means you can choose a workers comp doctor that is familiar with the workers compensation program and can answer your questions regarding your claims.

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    Remember, if you file your claim incorrectly, you could lose your benefits. The workers compensation doctors listed in our directory have decades of experience in treating injured workers and know who to provide expert claims assistance so that you properly file your claim and get the medical care and compensation benefits you deserve according to The State of Texas.

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