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Injured workers in Texas have a number of rights under the law, including:

  • The right to receive income benefits if they are unable to work due to their injury.
  • The right to receive reasonable and necessary medical care for their injury.
  • The right to keep their claim private.
  • The right to be represented by an attorney.
  • The right to appeal a decision made by the Workers’ Compensation Commission.

In addition to these general rights, injured workers in Texas also have specific rights related to the following:

  • Reporting their injury: Injured workers must report their injury to their employer within 30 days of the date of the injury.
  • Filing a claim: Injured workers must file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits within one year of the date of the injury.
  • Receiving benefits: Injured workers are entitled to receive benefits as soon as they are eligible, and they should not be denied benefits for any reason.
  • Retaining their job: Injured workers are generally entitled to return to their job after they have recovered from their injury, unless their injury is so severe that they are unable to perform the essential functions of their job.

If you have been injured at work in Texas, it is important to know your rights and to advocate for yourself. You can get help from the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) or the Office of Injured Employee Counsel (OIEC).


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