What Is a Compounding Pharmacy?

The term compounding is commonly used in the world of pharmaceuticals, but most people are not familiar with the idea of a compounding pharmacy. Compounding simply means creating or altering a pharmaceutical to more precisely meet the needs of the individual patient. It involves preparing, mixing, altering, assembling, packaging, and labeling of drugs in accordance with a prescription or medication order by a licensed practitioner. If you’ve been searching for a compounding pharmacy to fill your DOL prescriptions, look no further than MedStork Rx. We offer compound prescriptions for pickup or delivery, both for people and animals. Here’s what we can do with compound prescriptions to best serve our community.

Customize Dosage

Sometimes, the exact dosage you need of a medication is not commercially available, or there may be a shortage of that dosage. As a compounding pharmacy, we can customize the dosage for your specific needs to help you feel better and heal properly.


If you, a child, or a pet struggles to take medication, we can create a compound prescription with added flavoring to make it more palatable. Although not all medications can be flavored, we will always do our best to create a compound prescription that is as easy to take as possible so that you are getting the medication and healing that you need.


If you have an allergy to something that is contained with a prescription, our compounding pharmacy can reformulate it to better suit you. We can generally create compound prescriptions with the exclusion of lactose, gluten, and dye, among other things. If you need a specific medication but cannot currently take it due to an allergy, get in touch with MedStork Rx to learn about how we can reformulate the medication to make it work for you.

Alter the Form

Medication is available in many forms, including liquid, capsule, tablet, topical, suppository, droplets, and more. If you need a specific type of medicine in a different form than how it is commercially available, our compounding pharmacy can help. If you have difficulty taking pills or have an upset stomach after taking a liquid medicine, we may be able to alter the form of your medication so that it works better for your personal needs.

If you have questions about your compound prescriptions, get in touch with the experts at MedStork Rx. We are proud to be a compounding pharmacy that is able to best serve our community with quality medication suited to the needs of each individual.