Treating Erectile Dysfunction with Medication

Erectile dysfunction, while not always comfortable to talk about or admit it, is common among men for various reasons.  Having an erection from time to time is not necessarily cause for concern.  However, if erectile dysfunction is an ongoing issue, it can become a problem that leads to stress and problems within a relationship.  It could also be a sign of an underlying health issue.  If you are concerned, there are methods for erectile dysfunction treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

There are several treatment options available for erectile dysfunction. Some of the most common types of erectile dysfunction medication such as sildenafil (Viagra) tadalafil, and vardenafil come in pill form and are effective when taken under ideal circumstances.  Factors such as diet, mental state, and timing must be factored in when considering the effectiveness of these types of erectile dysfunction treatment. Understanding how these ED drugs work can increase efficiency if use as well as prevent unwanted side effects. However, not everyone is able to use or benefit from the oral drugs found at most pharmacies.  Another option for erectile dysfunction treatment is injections.  These injections can combine multiple medications into one injection that is effective in producing an erection in a short amount of time.  These formulations are not available from drug manufacturers and can only be made in compounding pharmacies with the highest standard of care.

How Does ED Medication Work?

Erectile dysfunction medications may vary slightly. But in general, this type of medication performs the same job, to relax the smooth muscles and arteries of the penis while increasing blood flow.  This combination allows the penis to fill with blood and causes an erection.  These ED drugs only work when you are aroused, therefore, there will not be any uncomfortable or inconvenient erections when taken as directed.

Drug Interactions
As with any medication, ED medications can have side effects and may not interact well with other medications.  For instance, high blood pressure medication can interact with sildenafil to affect how it is used in the body.  Other medications like antiretrovirals can keep ED medications from working like they ought.  Erectile dysfunction medications should not be taken with nitrates for heart conditions as this can create a harmful decrease in blood pressure.  As always, before beginning any new medications or when considering effective erective dysfunction treatment options, talk to your doctor first.  Discuss the medications or supplements your currently take.  A doctor or pharmacist will be able to give insight as to what potential interactions could occur and how you can address them should they arise.

Sometimes finding the best ED medication for you can take time but compounding ED medications are also an available option.  Talk to your provider or pharmacist to find an ED medication that will work for you.