Top 5 Differences Between a Compounding Pharmacy and a Regular Pharmacy

Almost everyone has received and filled a prescription at some point. When it comes time to pick up your medication, you probably go to the local Dallas retail store. These pharmacies are convenient and work well for basic medications, but a compounding pharmacy can be a better choice in many cases. If you haven’t heard of a compounding pharmacy, below are some of the main differences between DFW pharmacies and compounding pharmacies.

1.      Compounding Pharmacies Customize Dosages

Commercially available medication is sold in pre-defined dosages, which are applicable to many patients. However, some people require dosages that do not meet these packaged amounts. A Dallas compounding pharmacy is able to create specific doses based on your medical condition, height, weight, gender, and age.

By offering precise dosages, you are less likely to have side effects from medication while still benefiting from the treatment.

2.      Compounding Pharmacies Have the Same Medicines

When you use a compounding pharmacy, they have access to the same medications that any pharmacy in DFW does, but with more variety. Medications may be offered in a range of forms, like liquid, powder, capsule, cream, or ointment to meet your preference and needs.

Choosing the right method of use can also help reduce side effects. For example, some people find that oral medications cause much worse effects and prefer topical ointments that bypass the digestive tract before entering the bloodstream.

3.      Compounding Pharmacies Have Specialty Medication

Retail pharmacies have only certain pre-made medications in stock. If you, your child, or even your pet require a custom prescription, a compounding pharmacy in Dallas will be your best option. These pharmacies specialize in finding ways to customize medicine based on your exact needs.

4.      Compounding Pharmacies Serve All Clients

These pharmacies don’t only provide medication for humans, but can also make specialty drugs for pets as well. Pets often are difficult to administer medicine to, and compounding pharmacies can make forms of a prescription that can be hidden in food or drinks. They often do this for children too, making compounding pharmacies a great option for everyone in the DFW area.

5.      Compounding Pharmacies Have State Oversight

Before the FDA came into being, all pharmacies were compounding pharmacies, though they were called apothecaries. The FDA now regulates regular pharmacies, while compounding pharmacies operate under state licensing boards. All compounding pharmacies in Dallas work with Texas state agencies to ensure you receive safe medications based on empirical evidence and reliable methods.