Find a Dallas LOP Pharmacy that will Work With Your Personal Injury Attorney

Injuries resulting from car accidents are often painful and require immediate care.  This immediate care can include doctor visits as well as medication prescribed by a doctor or healthcare providers.  Sadly, until there is a settlement, insurance companies will usually not accept responsibility for medical care of any kind, including prescription medication.  You are expected to cover all costs out of pocket until an accident injury case is resolved, which could take months.  But medical care is expensive.  So how can you get the care you need without spending every dime you have?  Finding a pharmacy in the DFW area that accepts LOP letters is a great start in getting help with costs of medications required to heal after an auto accident injury.

How Does It Work?

Once you have hired a lawyer to take on your accident injury case, that lawyer can write what is known as an LOP, or letter of protection.  When you present this LOP to a Dallas pharmacy, they then work with you to provide the medications you need while you wait for the legal process to play out.  It works a lot like taking out a line of credit so that you can receive necessary prescription medications to heal and not have to pay potentially expensive costs upfront.

LOP Payment

Settling the costs is something that happens after your court case has been decided.  Once a decision has been reached or a settlement has been made, the pharmacy that accepted the LOP from your hired attorney will then be paid out.  If a settlement was made, money will be paid to the Dallas pharmacy from that money.  If a case is dismissed, then you become responsible for the pharmacy cost of any services rendered.

Accident Injury Cases and Prescription Medications

Know that there are options out there for treatment that won’t cost you everything.  If you are worried about paying for medications after an accident before your settlement comes in, consider a letter of protection.  Then, find a Dallas pharmacy that will accept your LOP and work with you during this difficult time.  MedStork in the DFW area is here to help.  We are familiar with working with those that have LOPs and want to do what we can to provide our services as needed.  Find a Stork in your area today.