How an L.O.P. Letter Can Protect You

An L.O.P., or letter of protection, is an agreement between you and a Dallas medical provider to guarantee that you can receive necessary medical treatment while waiting for settlement funds. This is especially beneficial if expensive medical attention is required that you don’t have the money for upfront. But it’s not just doctor bills that can be expensive. Medication can also add up quickly. This is why it is beneficial to also work with a Dallas L.O.P. pharmacy for personal injury. An L.O.P. pharmacy for personal injury will work with you just the same way a medical office in the DFW area would, accepting payment on an agreement that you will pay these funds back upon receiving settlement funds owed to you.

An L.O.P. letter essentially protects you from accruing costly expenses you can’t pay upfront and allows you to get the medical attention that you require for rehabilitation.

When to Use an L.O.P.

After a personal injury accident in Dallas, you will want to seek immediate medical attention, no matter how minor your injuries may seem initially. Sometimes, insurance companies won’t want to pay your medical bills after such an injury, especially if it was a result of negligence on the part of another driver. Instead of your insurance company paying, they will want you to seek compensation from the insurance company of the driver at fault. But what do you do in the meantime while you need medical attention yet won’t be covered by your insurance? This is an optimal time to use a letter of protection. A personal injury lawyer can draft a letter to you that can be sent to a local Dallas L.O.P pharmacy, who will in turn work with you to provide any and all necessary medications, no matter what the cost, based on the fact that you will pay these “loans” back after an insurance settlement has been reached. If an insurance settlement is not reached, you agree to pay back any fund accrued.

Working on Your Behalf

When you find yourself in a difficult spot, find someone who can advocate for you. With the help of a Dallas personal injury attorney and an L.O.P. pharmacy for personal injury, you can get the financial assistance you need to make a full recovery. For more information about using an L.O.P., contact us today.