Having a beloved pet fall ill can be a stressful situation. After taking her to a local Dallas vet, you have a plan to help your pet get better and some medication to help. While getting your pet to take medication may seem easy, it can actually be quite difficult. Some pets refuse to take pills while others spit them out, no matter what you try to hide them in. The frustration mounts, and while all you want is for your pet to get better, they seem to fight medication at every turn. When this happens, turn to a pet med pharmacy for help. But what exactly can a pet pharmacy in Dallas do for you and your pet?

Liquid Medication

Pet pharmacies in Dallas can mix up prescription medication for pets in liquid form, which can be much easier to administer than pills. Simply squirt the medication in the animal’s mouth. The liquid medication also comes in many yummy pet flavors, such as chicken, tuna, or beef. This is an easy option for getting your pet to take their medications happily.


Another option available at Dallas compounding pharmacies is chewable medication. This makes medication time feel like treat time instead. The size of the chewable depends on the medication dosage, and many flavors are available–as many as 40+ options–so there’s sure to be a flavor your pet will gobble up without a fight.

Transdermal Gel

Not all medication can be given to a pet this way through their skin, but when it can, it can be great for both the owner and the pet. Transdermal gel can be rubbed into the ear and given to the animal that way instead of orally. This makes a time that both owner and pet can look forward to, administering medication to help your pet feel better while pets receive an extra special rubbing with no knowledge that they are actually receiving helpful medication.

Other Options

Other medication administering options for pets from a Dallas pet pharmacy can include otic gel for ears, flavorless capsules that go down easier than other pills, topical ointments, yummy tasting gummies to hide pills inside, or even lozenges that are like cough drops.

With so many choices for giving your pet a medication that is easy to take and tastes great, it’s sure to make medication so much easier for people and animals. Contact your local Dallas pet pharmacy today for more information.