How Does an LOP Affect My Personal Injury Case in Dallas?

An accident of any kind is a very traumatic experience. To add to that, insurance to pay for the medical bills that are acquired after an injury can also take time to come through. So what can be done when you need to pay for necessary medical treatment that hasn’t yet been covered by insurance? This is when a letter of protection can help you get the care you need without the cost you may not be able to afford.


What Is A Letter of Protection?

A letter of protection is a letter sent by your personal injury attorney to your health providers and LOP pharmacies in Dallas. While your personal injury attorney is working to receive a settlement in your case, you are expected to front all the medical bills that accumulate.

But in the meantime, this letter sent from the attorney will allow a “loan” to cover medical costs until your settlement and or insurance comes through, although the letter will also state that should you not receive a settlement as intended, you will be responsible for any bills acquired.


LOP Pharmacy in Dallas

A letter of protection can be used for medical expenses, but it can also be used at LOP pharmacies in Dallas. There are medications that are required to help in the healing process, and those medications can add up just as much as medical bills. An LOP pharmacy will take that letter of protection to cover medications while you wait for your insurance to come through.


Maximizing Your Money

Whatever type of personal injury accident you have been involved in, there are options available to you to maximize your money and get the help you need to make a full recovery. Contact an LOP pharmacy in Dallas to find out more information about what your options are.


Reach out to a personal injury attorney to ensure you receive maximum compensation. After a settlement is reached, a personal injury attorney can also work with you to help reduce LOP bills accumulated during the waiting period. There’s no reason anyone should not receive the help they need after an accident because money is an issue. Find out more information about a letter of protection and what it can do for you. In the end, your recovery is what matters most and an LOP pharmacy in Dallas is here to help you along the journey.