How Do I Get My Prescriptions Through a Workers Comp Pharmacy in Dallas?

The days of the doctor writing prescriptions out on a notepad and you taking them to the pharmacy to fill them are long over. Nowadays, filling a prescription involves computers, portals, authorizations, and more. The process becomes even more complicated if you have been injured at work and have to file a workers comp claim in Dallas. Medical bills and medications can be costly. When the expenses continue to add up, it can be tempting not to fill a prescription to save money. But medications prescribed by your trusted Dallas doctor should be filled so that you can do all that is necessary to fully heal. So what can be done when you don’t have the upfront costs for all your prescriptions?


Workers Comp Pharmacies

Thankfully, there are Dallas workers comp pharmacies that will work with you if you have a workers comp claim. Most pharmacies won’t fill a prescription if not approved by insurance for fear of lack of payment. For workers comp cases, workers comp pharmacies can use a PBM, or pharmacy benefits manager, as the go-between for those injured at work, the insurance company, and the Dallas pharmacy. In some instances, the injured worker will be given a pharmacy benefits card.

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Prescription Drug Formularies

A prescription drug formulary is a set of rules a doctor must follow to prescribe medications covered under an insurance plan. It dictates what can be prescribed and how an injured worker can fill the prescription. This type of formulary is based on evidence-based care with an overall goal of providing quality care in a cost-effective manner. Drug formularies work with the injured worker to provide the worker with the care they are entitled to while keeping costs in check.

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Benefits of Workers Comp Pharmacies in Dallas

As you can see, the process of filling prescriptions for injured workers can be difficult. There can be hoops to jump through that can seem overwhelming. Using a workers comp pharmacy that is familiar with the process can make the process easier. Worker comp pharmacies can provide virtual pharmacy cards or first fill cards that make filling medication simpler. They can also offer at-home delivery, so you don’t have to get out if you are injured.

Workers comp pharmacies make life easier so you can receive the care you deserve to get back on your feet again.

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For more information about workers comp pharmacies in Dallas and what they can do for you, contact MedStork.